• Baby Eye Color Chart

    The presence of a child is a gift from the God, so many parents are very curious about their baby. There are hundreds of questions about their baby. They wonder how the baby looks like, whom their kid takes after or simply the kid’s nose is big or small. At first, they may mention their newborn’s gender whether the baby is a girl or a boy, and then they predict how ‘the window to the soul’ is.

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    Baby Predict Eye Color

    In order to answer one among lots of questions, in the article Baby Eye Color Chart, we provide some basic information so that you can predict the eye color of your baby.

    Eye Color Chart

    Eyes are one of body parts that are not fully developed at birth. If a newborn is very premature, he might not be able to open his lids. He spends time sleeping.

    Eye color is mainly affected by genes of the parents, grandparents and so on, and what color eyes they have. 6 or more genes determine the eye color. Dominant genes make the eye color dark. The more quantity of dominant genes is, the darker the eye color is. Brown is the most common eye color among others. People with brown eye color cover over half of the world’s population.

    Melanin is responsible for the transformation in your baby’s eye color

    Melanocytes are cells producing melanin which bears responsibility for the changing the baby’s eye color.The less melanin in the iris is present, the bluer the eye color is and the more melanin in the iris the darker the eye color is. At birth the amount of melanin may be lower than later. When the baby is older, your baby’s eye color is darker. Because your baby starts entering the world, the baby contacts sunlight frequently. As a result, both skin and the iris turn darker. Besides the amount of melanin, some drugs are believed that they can change the color of eyes.

    Eye Color Chart
    When your baby’s eye color is fully developed?

    Before the newborn baby gets the age of three, your child’s eye color will be changed quite often. You can take notice of the change of eye color and make a report. To some people, their eye color can go on changing even into adulthood.

    In brief, genetics plays the most important role in determining which eye color the newborn baby has. Normally, your kid’s eye color depends on you, your life partner, and a roll of the genetic dice. Although eye color hasn’t been understood thoroughly, you base on you and your partner’s eye color, you will predict your newborn’s one somehow. It’s quite rare that your baby’s eye color will be different from that of its parents and grandparents.

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