What is the Rarest Eye Color in the World? Are Violet Eyes Real?

Eyes are considered as the most beautiful part of an individual. They come in many attractive shades, varying from the darkest of browns to the lightest of blues. We all know that most people on Earth have brown eyes; however, still some are found born with less common eye colors. "What is the rarest eye color in humans?" Seems like this question should have an easy answer, but actually it Read more [...]

What Percent of the World Has Hazel Eyes? Are Hazel Eyes Rare?

Human eyes are very beautiful and unique. Each person is born with different eye colors, eye appearances, and eye shapes. Overall, the color of eyes is divided into six big categories, with multiple variations occurring within every color category. Brown is the most common with over 55% of people have brown eyes, around 8% of people get blue eyes, and just 2% of people are green eyes. Additionally, Read more [...]

What Color Eyeshadow Goes with Green Eyes? – Awesome Makeup Tips

Green eyes are very rare. Within the light eyed population, the green eyes are outnumbered by the blue eyes. There are only few people carrying the genes that are responsible for green eyes. Only 1-2% of the entire human population possess the attractive green eye color. If you are lucky to have this eye color, you now get the reason to be happy about it. Green eyes can look different; they Read more [...]

What is Hazel Eye Color? – Things You Need to Know about Hazel Eyes

There are a lot of different eye colors in human; some appears to be common while some are very rare. Just take a look at the eyes of people around, you will notice the diversity in colors – brown, green, blue, hazel, grey, and even violet. By far, brown eyes are the most ordinary in human, but other eye colors do exist as well in specific countries. Nowadays, still many confuse and mistaken Read more [...]