What is the Most Rare Eye Color? – A Look at Your Green Eyes

Genes and pigment concentration are responsible for the color of an individual's eyes. Less melanin results in lighter eye colors, while high concentrations of melanin cause darker eye colors. By far the most common eye color is brown with 55%. Then you possibly want to know the answer for, "What is the most rare eye color?" The rarest eye colors in humans are Green, Amber, Dark brown, Blue, Read more [...]

Can My Eyes Change Color? – Need-to-Know Changes in Eye Color

Some people say the color of their eyes has changed with age or will change with their moods. Right now you may ask, "Can my eyes change color?" Eye color shows the personality of someone and the eye color of people differs. Genetics determines an individual's eye color, but the inheritance patterns are complex. Because of this complexity, not all children have the same eye colors as their parents. For Read more [...]

Can a Person Have Black Eyes? What Do Black Eyes Mean?

Contrary to almost people's belief, true black eyes seem not really to exist. Some, with a lot of melanin in their eyes, might appear to have black-colored eyes depending on the lightning conditions. However, that is not truly black, it's simple the hue of a very dark brown. So can a person have black eyes? When it comes to black eyes, a few say African and Asian have black eye color Read more [...]

How Do You Get Hazel Eye Color? How Your Hazel Eyes Look Like?

"There's always a story in your eyes?" Eyes have the ability to reveal your inner emotions and the color of them can also reveal certain aspects of your personality helping you learn more about yourself. Even some psychologists have discovered the connection of certain colors of the eye and personality traits. In this topic, we are going to discuss about one of the rarest eye Read more [...]